Who Are You?

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of self esteem and self worth. And it seems to me like we’ve been going about it in the wrong way.

Self esteem or self worth is supposed to be determined by you. It’s about how you see yourself. What do you believe about yourself and what kind of person do you want to be.

Instead, we allow our self worth to be measured by others. We allow what people say about us to determine who and what we are. It doesn’t make sense. Not at all.

If the idea is about self worth and self esteem, then how can anyone other than us, dictate how we see ourselves?

We spend so much time concerning ourselves with what other people think and what they say about us. We’re so influenced by what our friends, coworkers, and even family members think about us.

There’s only one source that speaks about who we are that you should be concerned with…and that is God. What does He say about who and what you are? The more you think about and mediate on who He says you are, the more your self esteem and self worth will be bolstered.

God says that you matter, that you have a purpose. God says that you are a son or daughter of the King. God says that you are forgiven. God says that you have a future. God says that your past no longer has power over you.

God says that when you decided to follow Him, that He made you a brand new person. God says that you have the favor of the Creator of heaven and earth. God says that no one or anything can separate you from His love. God says that you matter.

Listening to what others say about you is like looking at yourself through a broken and stained mirror. It’s only when you see yourself as God sees you that you can clearly see your image in the mirror and who you really are.

You are the image of God. I don’t know about you, but starting from today, I’m gonna silence the voice of everyone who is not God and what they say about me and I’m going to stop believing the lies of the world or the enemy. I’m choosing truth over lies. Blessing over cursing. Freedom over slavery. Life over death.

How about you?