The Zodiac is Evidence of Intelligent Design

Have you ever looked up into the night sky and wondered why there are so many stars? There are hundreds and hundreds of billions of them. Why? What purpose could they possibly serve? They seem to be positioned without rhyme or reason. In the midst of all those scattered stars, images have not only emerged, but have been recorded and preserved by every major civilization since the dawn of time. Let me paint a picture for you…

As far back as 5000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians created a map of the sky that included 48 constellations. 4000 years ago, the Chinese created a map of the sky that included 48 constellations. Around the same time, the Persians created a map of the sky that included 48 constellations. The Hebrews created a map of the sky that included 48 constellations. How is it that these cultures, who lived thousands of years and thousands of miles apart from each other, all arrived at the same EXACT 48 constellations? The odds of that being random and completely coincidental are…astronomical! How is that possible and to what end?

It’s nearly impossible to identify the shapes in the sky without any prior knowledge of their existence. Let’s be honest, there’s no way you can look at the stars in the sky and see the image of Leo the great lion. Once you are aware of its existence, then you can kind of make out the image in your mind. It’s like one of those “connect-the-dot” drawings in those coloring books we had as children. The dots seemed random and chaotic on the page, until you started drawing the lines between the dots. That’s what the shapes, or constellations in the sky are like. But, why put them there?

What if I could show you that each constellation was like a snapshot into the life of Jesus? That every major event in His life was marked by the appearance of one of these constellations. What if I could show you that His birth, death and resurrection, were literally written in the stars! There is no way you could dismiss these alignments as purely random or unguided. The fact that they line up so perfectly with His life is evidence of design. Intelligent Design. Divine Design.

God has placed the message of salvation in the heavens. He has written a story in the stars. That’s what my new book is all about. Order it today and start on a journey of discovery that will forever change your life!


Discovering God’s Design and Plan for our Universe

by Joe Amaral


About the Author:

Joe Amaral authored his first book “Understanding Jesus” in 2011 and his second book “What Would Jesus Read?” was published in 2012.

In 2016, Amaral served as daily host of Canada’s longest running daily TV program “100 Huntley Street”. Later that year he joined the staff of PORTICO Community Church in Mississauga, Ontario as the Teaching Pastor. Most recently, he founded the “Christian Research Group” in 2018—an organization committed to serving the local church and helping believers to better understand and defend what they believe.

Amaral has traveled the world many times over as a sought-after Bible Teacher/Speaker. With more than 40 trips to Israel, immersing himself in the local culture, working closely with Israeli archaeologists and government, he has gained both access and insight into the First Century Culture of Jesus.