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40 Devotions for Men

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40 Devotions for Men

Todd and Joe first met at a camp in Ontario, Canada when Joe was the guest speaker for the week and they have been buddies ever since. The more they hung out, the more they realized how much they have in common when it came to wanting to see guys’ lives changed. Todd had written the men’s devotional, “40 Days in the Man Cave” and Joe had written the devotional, “What Would Jesus Read?”— based on the ancient Biblical reading cycles. Both of these books were written to encourage, uplift and challenge people in their walk of faith.

Todd is firefighter by trade, and an artist by passion. He has witnessed things that most of us would not be able to stomach. He has seen and helped thousands of people through some of the worst trauma you could imagine. His position as a firefighter gives him an incredibly unique perspective and outlook on life. His artistry makes him creative. You’ll find his devotions engaging, savvy, and deeply thought provoking. Todd’s passion to see guys develop into their God given talents and roles is evident in each devotional he has written.

Joe is an author, TV host, and a jet setter. He’s been travelling the world for more than 20 years now. Experiencing different cultures and practices has given him unique insight into the human condition, and to the social practices and expectations of men from all over the map. With almost 50 trips to Israel under his belt, his access to first century culture gives him the ability to see and apply the scriptures with clarity and authority. Joe’s passion is to encourage everyone to not only read the Scriptures but to understand and apply them.

So, here it is fellas…Mind Gum! We hope you don’t just read it, but “chew on it”!

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