JESUSLY—The Act of Being Like Jesus


The gospel writer Luke shows us a Jesus who has no problem going outside of the accepted social norm to reach the outcast, the outsider and the overlooked.


JESUSLY: a journey through the Gospel of Luke. As we follow Jesus, we discover the often hidden and deeper meaning behind many of his teachings and actions as we learn about the history and culture in which he lived.

As followers of Jesus, it’s important to know which Jesus to follow. Hollywood has portrayed him one way and modern Christianity showcases a completely different Jesus than we find in the Scriptures.

Luke shows us a Jesus who has no problem breaking barriers and going outside of the accepted social norm if it means meeting the needs of a person who has felt abandoned and rejected. Jesus seeks out the outcast. He’s drawn to the outsider and he sees the overlooked. This is the Jesus that I am encouraging us to imitate. To be Jesusly, we must replicate the actions and love of the Saviour towards those whom society has silenced and sidelined.

Imagine a world where people loved people the way Jesus did. What if all the people on the planet who follow Jesus started living and loving like he did?

Consider what it would be like for people who have felt rejected and discarded to feel loved and valued. Suppose the outcasts are welcomed back home with open arms. Can you picture a world where people who look and think differently than you do, feel seen and loved?

Understanding the history of Jesus is what helps us understand the Jesus of history.

May we all seek to be a little more Jesusly.

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I just finished reading “Jesusly” and found it to be exceptional. The first century cultural insights Joe reveals in his book are fascinating and his ability to convey them in a conversational tone will endear himself to a very broad audience.

I also appreciated how the book was very pastoral. It is a timely response to the disappointing attitudes and behaviours we as pastors witnessed from many Christians during the pandemic.

I plan to get this book into the hands of as many church people as possible so they can be challenged by what Joe has to say.

We look forward to having Joe visit in-person with our church family in April and share more on the topic.

Rev. Nathan Albrecht
Lakepoint Family Church
Leamington, ON

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