Holy Bible From The Ancient Eastern Text


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Bible Version: George M. Lamsa’s Translations from the Aramaic of the Peshitta
Publisher: Harper Collins
Cover: Paperback
Condition: Used – Fair
Unique Features: (Wording taken from the PREFACE) The favorable reception accorded the Lamsa translation of the Gospels, later of the New Testament and of the Psalms, has prompted us to publish a complete translation of the Holy Bible from the Peshitta, the authorized Bible of the Church of the East. This translation of the Old and New Testaments into English is based on Peshitta manuscripts which have comprised the accepted Bible of all of those Christians who have used Syriac as their language of prayer and worship for many centuries. It is appropriate that as we have translations based on the Greek Septuagint of the Old Testament and on the Latin Bible of Jerome, so also should there be available to the modern reader that form of the text which was translated anciently into a branch of the Aramaic language which has been used by Christians from earliest times.

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