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Welcome to our podcast. We'll cover topics such as our Hebraic Roots, God's incredible story in the stars, marriage enrichment tools, and much more.

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RSS The Joe Show with Joe Amaral

  • The Joe Show S02E05- Despise Not Small Beginnings January 18, 2023
    This is my origin story. People know me as a TV guy, a writer, and a speaker. But, how did I get to where I am today? Where did the inspiration for the books and TV Shows come from? Why would I leave a successful ministry that I spent years building, only to begin again […]
  • The Joe Show S02E04 - The Christmas Star Explained December 14, 2022
    If Jesus wasn't born on December 25th, why do we celebrate it and how did that specific date get selected? Is it possible to determine the exact date of Jesus' birth by using Biblical astronomy based on Revelation 12? In this video, I reveal why and what the Magi followed. Get the whole picture by […]
  • The Joe Show S02E03 - Comfort vs Obedience October 23, 2022
    What is preventing you from saying “yes” to the next big step in your life? How does personality affect risk? Are you too comfortable? How far are you willing to go to live a life of obedience to God? Join my wife Karen and me as we talk about our experience with choosing obedience over […]
  • The Joe Show S02E02 - Walking By Faith October 13, 2022
    What does it mean to walk by faith? Do you have to have everything worked out before you can step out? How do you know when you are supposed to do it? On this podcast, I share my journey of walking by faith and what it means to do that practically. 
  • The Joe Show S02E01 - Perfecting the Pivot October 6, 2022
    In the is first episode of our second season, I talk about the importance of learning how to pivot during times of chaos and uncertainty. I wanna encourage you to say “yes” to the dream in your heart. Be bold enough and love yourself enough to stop being guided by what people may or may […]
  • Liam Amaral and Biblical Culture May 12, 2021
    My guest is my nephew Liam Amaral. Is holding on to our Hebraic Roots a form of "Cultural Appropriation?" It's a very important question and a great conversation with someone who is in Generation Z.
  • From Jerusalem to Monrovia August 19, 2020
    Joe just got back from Liberia. Hear what it was like traveling internationally during the COVID pandemic How did Joe go from Jerusalem to Monrovia, from Israel to Liberia What projects has God put on Joe’s heart for Liberia right now How is COVID-19 affecting Liberia What are the greatest needs right now
  • SIGNS July 16, 2020
    Joe Amaral teaches how the stars and constellations were created, named, and placed by God in the heavens to tell the story of Salvation and point people to Jesus. November 2017 at PORTICO Community Church in Mississauga, Canada.   See what Pastor Joe is doing in Liberia: https://www.hopeforliberia.com/You can give towards what Pastor Joe is doing […]
  • The Power of Pentecost May 31, 2020
    In this video, Bible teacher, Joe Amaral, takes us back over 3000 years through history to the very first Pentecost. Your mind will be blown as he reveals the staggering similarities between the events of the very first Pentecost at Mount Sinai and the Pentecost recorded in Acts 2.   What's the purpose of Pentecost? What […]
  • Encourage Yourself April 28, 2020
    How do you encourage yourself when you're in a bad situation? What, or who do you turn to? Many people are feeling discouraged and depressed during this season of global pandemic and quarantine. How are you coping? Joe and Karen provide some simple and helpful information to ensure that you not just survive, but thrive!

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