Hope for Liberia

bringing food, clean water and hope

Water for Life

Outside the Capital there is little to no clean drinking water available. With our first four water wells in place serving thousands in their communities, we are excited to continue digging more wells across the country.

Food for Life

Many Liberians live on just $1.25 USD per day which barely provides enough to purchase half a cup of rice for an entire family. Many live on one meal of rice every other day. Our goal is to provide daily meals.

Hope for Life

Living daily with poverty has taken its toll on the morale of the people. Having faith in God and having a church community to surround them is the only place where the people can go for true hope.

How it Got Started

At the end of 2018, I noticed a newer follower on social media who was “liking” and commenting on a lot of my posts. His name was Sam Abel Gbinsay. I soon learned he was a pastor from Liberia in the town of Paynesville. Pastor Sam reached out to me asking me to come and share the message of the Hebraic Roots with their church.

The thing that got me was he said to me, “Pastor Joe, we are not stupid… it’s just that no one will come to Liberia because there is no money here.” This just broke my heart and I said to my wife, Karen, “I’m going…I have to go!” God began to break both our hearts for the people of Liberia. Literally, we could hardly talk about it without crying. I’ve travelled all over the world to speak, yet nothing has impacted us so deeply and stirred us so profoundly.

One thing led to another. Our friends and family and partners rallied around us and with no charity in place, they gave so that the message of the Gospel could reach a very much unreached part of the world. People were so generous and my son and I were able to take 7 suitcases with us filled with humanitarian aid in April/May of 2019.

Before we got there, we were also able to send money for 150 school uniforms, shoes, and backpacks filled with school supplies for the children which they were so excited to show us when we arrived.

On that trip, we were able to go into remote villages and bring clothing with us for all the children. We had brought medicines, hygiene supplies and bandages to distribute. We were able to purchase two generators for two churches which helped them get their electricity back up and running.

Thanks to some very amazing people who have given so generously, we’ve been able to build new water wells in four different areas. We’ve held community outreaches with enough food for everyone and so much, in fact, that people are able to take containers home filled with food.

We’ve been able to go into the remote villages where, I’m told, no one has ever given them anything. We continue to bring clothing and food to distribute to those in need. We have built a community centre and have just completed building a school for 400+ children. Our current needs are for daily meals and tuition for the children to attend. Please visit our website to see all the latest news—visit www.hopeforliberia.com.

How You Can Help

PRAY: We can always use your prayers. The pastors and church leaders in Liberia are on the frontlines of an intense spiritual battlefield. Pray for their government. Pray for our team as we help these precious people.

GIVE: You can help with a financial gift towards the many projects we are doing in Liberia—water wells, food, clothing, tuition, hygiene supplies, medicines, humanitarian aid and much more. You can give by:

Phone: 1-877-274-1970
Etransfer: give@hopeforliberia.com
Online: Hope For Liberia’s Website

Thank YOU!

You are changing so many lives!

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