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“Joe Amaral joined us as our morning speaker for Family Camp at Lakeshore Pentecostal Camp in Cobourg in 2015, and was so well received we invited him back again in 2016 and 2019. He is a very effective communicator, presenting Biblical truth and coupling it with real life applications and practical insights. He has earned the distinction of being one of our best received morning camp meeting speakers. It is an honour to commend Joe to you for consideration.”

Rev. Craig Burton
General Secretary
Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada

“Joe Amaral’s insights into first century Jewish culture will be of great benefit for anyone who is looking to discover and understand the original historical meaning of Jesus’ teachings.”

Dr. Craig A. Evans
John Bisagno Distinguished Professor of Christian Origins
Houston Theological Seminary
Houston, TX

“Joe Amaral has become a favourite Bible study teacher over the multiple times we have had the privilege of having him as part of our summer camp schedule. He is always well received by the people and his material is always challenging and illuminating!

“This summer was no different when he taught from his new book, ‘Get Off Your Ash’. The teaching was timely and practical and we were encouraged to not let anything hold us back from God’s purposes
in our lives.

“We look forward to the next time we can partner with Joe and have him back to teach again.”

Mark Giancola
Executive Director
Braeside Camp
Paris, ON

“I have known Joe Amaral for nearly 30 years now and have had the pleasure of him visiting churches where I have served. He was and is a blessing to me and the people who hear him.

“Joe is a gifted communicator and has a passion for the people of Liberia. People catch his vision and we are glad to be partnered with him.”

Mike Burt
Senior Pastor
Hillside Community Church
Tottenham, ON

“We have had Joe speak at our church a number of times. Our people love him! He is exceptional at capturing the interest of all ages with his insight and content coupled with his quick wit and humor. We also really appreciate the spirit of humility in which he serves our church. As a guest speaker he is great with adapting to the style and context of his surrounding and would be an excellent choice to have present at your church.”

Nathan Albrecht
Lead Pastor
LakePoint Family Church
Leamington, ON

“We had Joe Amaral spend a weekend with us at Vanderhoof Christian Fellowship. Joe’s passion for the Hebraic roots of our Christian faith gave incredible insight into the culture where Jesus lived and ministered. His session on “Story in the Stars” was a favourite for many. He was well received by our youth, families and the people of our community.”

Peter Doerksen
Vanderhoof Christian Fellowship
Vanderhoof, BC

“Joe’s simple teaching on what Jesus taught, with the backdrop of Jewish culture, wowed our congregation. His mission work in Liberia has moved forward at an accelerated rate.

“It’s worth your while to hear Joe share if only to hear the story of General Butt Naked.”

Peter Ruel
Lead Pastor
Timmins Pentecostal Church
Timmins, ON

“We had Joe Amaral at Lift Church this year—we are having him back next year. Our church is passionate about the Bible and Joe matches that passion with insightful teaching, humor and joy. We packed the house on Sunday and the following three weeknights. Joe and Karen Amaral are becoming a part of our church family.”

Steve Bradshaw
Lead Pastor
Lift Church
Venice, FL

“The fact that Jesus took on Jewish flesh means we can’t fully appreciate what He said and did unless we know the Jewish culture of His day. Joe Amaral sheds significant new light on the person and work of the Messiah and by digging deeper into the Hebraic roots of the New Testament text.”

Wayne Hilsden
Former Senior Pastor
King of Kings Community
Jerusalem, Israel

“Joe Amaral spoke at our church and left an indelible imprint on our people. His message to “Get Off Our Ash” and step into the call of God was arguably the prophetic word of the season. With enthusiasm, passion, and vision, Joe’s ministry touched our hearts and fuelled greater hunger for world missions through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Will Sloos
Senior Pastor
Richmond Hill Pentecostal Church
Richmond Hill, ON


sermon sample

The Messianic Miracles

Joe Amaral explains and teaches both the history and culture behind some of the greatest miracles performed by Jesus. These were miracles that the Rabbis of the day taught the people that only the Messiah would be able to do. Amaral breaks them down one by one and explains why they were Messianic in nature.

tv interview sample

Story in the Stars

Joe Amaral appears as a guest on the TCT Television Network’s “Celebrate Live” show to talk about his new book “Story in the Stars” with host Tim Walker. Discover the astronomical occurrences happening in the heavens the night of Jesus’ birth and how they all tied to John’s Revelation found in Revelation Chapter 12.

teaching on location sample

The Paths of Righteousness

Joe Amaral explains the Hebraic background of the Paths of Righteous as found in Psalm 23.

This was filmed on location in Israel.


Understanding Jesus

By understanding the time and place in which Jesus was born, the background from which He drew his illustrations, and the audience He spoke to, we find details in the scriptures that the Western reader might normally miss.

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What Would Jesus Read?

In a reading system that is still in use today by Jews all over the world, What Would Jesus Read? gives modern day Christians the opportunity to follow and practice the same devotional system that Jesus used!

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Story in the Stars

An in-depth look at the Bible and all the signs God mapped out through constellations and planets. He ensured a way for all inhabitants of the earth to see the messages of salvation and redemption He painted in the stars.

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Get Off Your Ash

In ancient times, ash was used as the international symbol for loss, pain and suffering. We confront what happened to us in the past in order to understand who we are in the present so we can be who we want to be in the future.

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Luke shows us a Jesus who has no problem breaking barriers and going outside of the accepted social norm if it means meeting the needs of a person who has felt abandoned and rejected. Jesus seeks out the outcast. He’s drawn to the outsider and he sees the overlooked.

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Mind Gum

In this book there are 40 short devotional readings written for men by Joe Amaral and his buddy, Todd Stahl. Spend time with God daily, be encouraged and be challenged to grow in your faith as you “Chew on these words!”

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Since the early 90’s, Joe Amaral’s ministry career has afforded him the opportunity to serve in some pretty amazing roles.

Amaral served as a youth leader, youth pastor, associate pastor and senior pastor in churches in Southern Ontario from 1991 to 2001. It was during his first trip to Israel in 2002 that God instilled the vision in Joe to embrace and teach the Hebraic Roots of the Christian Faith.

Amaral then spent 14 years as an itinerant minister and director. In that time, he authored the best-selling book Understanding Jesus as well as What Would Jesus Read?―a daily devotional. Joe also served as Executive Producer and host of a popular television show, filmed on location in the Land of Israel. He produced documentary films such as Unearthed: The Series”, Understanding Jesus and Story in the Stars”.

Joe has traveled to Israel almost 50 times and has been around the world, preaching and teaching in churches and at conferences. Amaral formerly served as the Teaching Pastor of PORTICO in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. In February of 2018, he relaunched as a full time itinerant minister and wrote the book, Story in the Stars.

Joe currently leads tours to biblically significant sites in Israel, Greece, Turkey and Italy. He is also an Associate Global Worker with the PAOC focusing his mission on the country of Liberia—bringing humanitarian aid to the community and remote villages. Amaral also serves as one of the co-hosts on 100 Huntley Street.

Joe has been married to the love of his life, Karen, since 1990 and together they have two young adults―their daughter Katelyn, who is married to Aaron, and their son Daniel.



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