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Where will Joe be next?

15 to 19

Family Camp
10:30 AM Sessions


110 E River Rd
Paris, ON

Meeting in the
Dining Hall

JUL 28
11 AM


Clearview Community Church – Wasaga Beach Campus

800 Sunnidale Rd
Wasaga Beach, ON

JUL 30-



240 Scott St
Stayner, ON

Tues, July 30 — 7 PM
Wed., July 31 — 7 PM
Thurs., Aug 1 — 7 PM
Fri., Aug 2 — 7 PM
Sat., Aug 3 — 10 AM
Sun., Aug 4 — 10 AM

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Hebraic Roots

The Bible comes from another world, an ancient Jewish world. Discover how understanding our Hebraic roots unlocks the true meaning of Jesus’ teachings. Learn about the stories behind the stories.

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Story in the Stars

The God of creation designed the universe with you in mind. He created, named and placed the stars in the heavens so that all mankind would be able to see the story in the stars — the story of redemption.

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The Feasts of the Lord

The seven Biblical Feasts are filled with beautiful and powerful imagery that point to the life and purpose of Jesus’ ministry. They are reminders of what God has done, and what He said He would do.

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Joe's Bio

Since the early 90’s, Joe Amaral’s ministry career has afforded him the opportunity to serve in some pretty amazing roles.

Amaral served as a youth leader, youth pastor, associate pastor and senior pastor in churches in Southern Ontario from 1991 to 2001. It was during his first trip to Israel in 2002 that God instilled the vision in Joe to embrace and teach the Hebraic Roots of the Christian Faith.

Amaral then spent 14 years as an itinerant minister and director. In that time, he authored the best-selling book Understanding Jesus as well as What Would Jesus Read?―a daily devotional. Joe also served as Executive Producer and host of a popular television show, filmed on location in the Land of Israel. He produced documentary films such as Unearthed: The Series”, Understanding Jesus and Story in the Stars”.

Joe has traveled to Israel almost 50 times and has been around the world, preaching and teaching in churches and at conferences. Amaral formerly served as the Teaching Pastor of PORTICO in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. In February of 2018, he relaunched as a full time itinerant minister and wrote the book, Story in the Stars.

Joe currently leads tours to biblically significant sites in Israel, Greece and Turkey. He is also an Associate Global Worker with the PAOC focusing his mission on the country of Liberia—bringing humanitarian aid to the community and remote villages. Amaral also serves as one of the co-hosts on 100 Huntley Street.

Joe has been married to the love of his life, Karen, since 1990 and together they have two adult children―their daughter Katelyn, who is married to Aaron, and their son Daniel.

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